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One of the many things I do at Hill & Mac Gunworks is set up road show events. We have a set number of targets that I can bring out to your event or competition. Sometimes we do charge for the road show, but most of the time If  I can get the right kind of exposure for my company we just bring them out. We have 12 pistol and 8 rifle reactive steel target systems that we use on these events. The road show has been to 12 events since May 2014 and they just keep getting repainted after each event. This allows us to show off that the maintenance is simple and easy. The targets in our road show have been shot around 30,000 times and growing. This way we can let our customers see the long term durability of our reactive steel target system.

reactive steel target system    reactive steel target system    reactive steel target system   reactive steel target system

These pictures are from an event that we had last week were we had the road show out for a private event. Many times ,like this last event, we are working with a private group or a law enforcement agency and I shoot footage of the event. If it is ok with the group I will film the event and them produce a video of what went on that day. We also take the road show to local IDPA, IPSC, 3 gun events, precision rifle events, and SASS events. When we do come out to a LEO or training event we have found that our reactive steel target system is very easy to integrate with your current training needs. Hill & Mac Gunworks can also provide some specific drills and stages that will show off the large variety of training options and help with shot judgement, shot placement, active shooter, and speed.

Reactive steel target system   Reactive steel target system   reactive steel target system   reactive steel target system


If you would like to talk with us more about the road show coming to your event please contact me directly and I will work out the details with you.

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