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2/3rd IPSC Target System- Rifle Rated

2/3rd IPSC Target System- Rifle Rated



  • Target Shape: 2/3rd IPSC
  • Rifle Rated for up to  .338 Lapua
  • 12 Gauge Slug Rated
  • AR 500 Steel ½” thick
  • Minimum safe distance: 50 yards
  • Weight ~ 60lbs
  • 27″ H x 18″ W x 26″ D



SKU: T-M6-1

Product Description

The HMG™ Reactive Steel Target System is the ideal training solution for all firearm enthusiasts. Unlike a static steel target, Hill & Mac Gunworks has developed a patented system which is durable, safe and portable as well as extremely customizable. The reactive function of this system is made possible by utilizing a pivoting target face and spring mechanism. These features instantly give both auditory and visual feedback to the shooter by safely allowing the target to move and reset to its original position after each hit.   All HMG™ target systems are easily converted from a re-setting target to a knock down in just a few simple steps. Also, Be sure to check out all the fully compatible HMG™ target system accessories.

**If shooting .338 or 50 BMG minimum distance is 250 yards**

Never shoot steel targets with steel core/armor penetrating bullets. (ex.M855 green tip)

We also recommend that for safety and durability that the shooter should keep all on target bullet velocities below 3000 FPS.