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Hello again!

Sorry for the delay in updates from us.  The holiday season was upon us and our small team took some much needed rest and time with families.  Hopefully everyone had a great holiday season and is ready to kick start the new year with a HMG StG™ in their hands!  We are back at it hot and heavy doing our best to get product out the door to you all and get as many people shooting our rifles as possible.  By now hopefully you all got to watch the few videos we put up of the HMG StG™ shooting at our state of the art indoor testing facility(our local indoor gun range that we have to quite literally sneak guns into to keep from prying eyes).  If you haven’t yet follow THIS LINK and check them out!

Now I know what some of you are saying after watching these….  Asking about “Wheres the rear/front sight?  You can’t test properly without those!” or “Why does HMG™ only seem to hire people over six foot tall?” and even “Why are ya’lls hashtags always so perfect”(We know and we appreciate your approval 🙂 #Whippidip #DipTheWhip #MrWorldWide).  All of these are very valid questions.  Simply put as has been stated before the rear and front sight have zero impact on the rifles function besides the whole aiming thing(Who does that anymore these days anyways?).  It is much faster for us to not put all the sights on and just test the rifle down to its core.  These videos were huge for us because it proves that we have been on the right track with production.  What I mean by that is that was truly the first “production” gun in the sense that we made that 100% as the rest would be.  Have we had working StGs up until this point?  Of course.  We have had firing prototypes since December 2015.  To make those however was inefficient and not repeatable.  There have been small bugs and kinks that we have chased through the last 14 months or so but they have been worked out and we have proven that the design works.  Does it suck that it has taken this long to get to this point?  Absolutely.  We truly thought that after the first working gun was built less than 2 years after the StG idea was born(loooooong before we ever released info on it) that we would delivery finished product in less then 4 months from orders being opened.  Unfortunately small issues arose with the rifles and they were not as reliable in the beginning as we strived to make them.  I am happy to say that is no longer the case.  We have one chance to get this right and as many of you have heard from me that I refuse to release a product to you all that is not worth any less than what you paid, heck to be honest I think its worth way more.  We have an addiction to perfection and will settle for nothing less.  Up until this point we have nothing to back that word up, and now we have not only the living proof of a HMG StG™ but all the 100 HMG CETME-L™ rifles that were delivered to customers over the past few months.  We have heard nothing but rave reviews about them and I constantly get calls or emails praising their quality and how although the wait was indeed long, it was more than worth it in the end.  I promise that no matter the wait we will deliver a product that satisfies whatever type of firearm enthusiast you are.  From the lucky ones that own a real StG and are just afraid to keep shooting it, to the reenacting community that have proven to be some of our most loyal customers, and even those who just want something cool to run 3 gun matches with.  All of you will be proud to own one and will definitely be turning some heads at the range.

Most if not all of you should have already seen what a HMG StG™ looks like assembled but most may have not seen what the process to a completed firearm looks like.  Now unfortunately I can’t go too in-depth in the folding process but I can show some awesome pictures and videos of unfinished receivers being worked on!

          photo-dec-08-10-33-41-am                       photo-dec-08-11-57-04-am     photo-dec-10-11-32-24-am

You’ll notice the sharp and perfectly defined bosses on the stampings.  This is no easy feat and took a lot of engineering talent and effort to get these looking as good as they do.  This is also apparent in our HMG CETME-L™ flats that we offer!  The top rib which the rear sight riser rests on is PERFECTLY straight.  The  seamless mate up between the different sheet metal parts is straight wizardry.  Not to toot our own horn but for a couple of hooligans from Georgia its pretty phenomenal.  This video(link) actually shows a quick clip of the receiver being bent into the shape you see above.  I’ve seen it hundreds of times but it still catches my eye, pretty awesome stuff even if you know nothing about sheet metal.  It’s not until everything is folded do you really get to see how perfect the fitment is on internal parts.

photo-dec-08-9-35-32-am          photo-dec-08-9-37-39-am           photo-dec-08-9-37-48-am          photo-dec-30-12-01-14-pm

You can see how perfect the sheet metal fits to the machined bolt carrier.  Also in the second picture looking from the front down and the third from the rear to the front.  Obviously the trunnion is missing from these images but you can imagine it fitting inside.  The final show shows a bolt and bolt carrier in perfect lock up.  Tilting bolt is a funny system to work with, lots of angles that need to play well with each other in order for proper function.  This video (link) shows the smoothness of bolt and bolt carrier moving through a freshly folded receiver with trunnion inserted.

We also recently got our magazine mold back from finishing and hot dog its a beauty!

photo-dec-20-4-50-22-pm photo-dec-20-4-50-29-pm

Yes this will be used to make plastic magazines WAY faster, and more affordable than pursuing a steel mag option.  This allows us to offer you additional magazines at a $29.99 retail value vs well over 100$.  Sheet metal work is expensive.  Period.  We needed a way to offer an affordable magazine solution without sacrificing on quality to our customers and this was it.  They will have the look of the original StG mags and will even fit in the original magazine pouches!  5.56/300Blk will be offered in 50 round magazines and 7.62×39/7.92 x 33 will come in 30 round magazines.


Next week begins our journey to SHOT Show!  You can find us in booth 720 on the bottom floor!  The whole team will be there showing off the HMG StG™, HMG CETME™ Builders kit options, and our target systems!  Come on by the booth and check us out!  Would enjoy getting to meet as many of you as possible and take your picture holding on of our rifles!


Hope everyone has a great start to the New Year.  Like I said above its exciting times for Hill and Mac Gunwork and we are stoked to bring you along on the ride with us.  Stayed tuned for more news and feel free to write me a note if there is something about the StG you want to know some more in-depth info on!