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The HMG™ Reactive Steel Target System is the ideal training solution for all firearm enthusiasts. Unlike a static steel target, Hill & Mac Gunworks has developed a patented system which is durable, safe and portable as well as extremely customizable. The reactive function of this system is made possible by utilizing a pivoting target face and spring mechanism. These features instantly give both auditory and visual feedback to the shooter by safely allowing the target to move and reset to its original position after each hit.   All HMG™ target systems are easily converted from a re-setting target to a knock down in just a few simple steps. HMG™ also offers a variety of accessories to fit any and all current or future training programs.

Durability: These targets are also known for their extreme durability. HMG™ steel target systems are designed to exceed the rigors of high performance training programs. Once the shooter is positioned at the minimum safe distance only AR 500 is visible; there are no exposed cables, soft steel, hanging chains or bolt heads to be damaged from normal use. HMG™ has full production steel target systems that have well over 100 thousand rounds on a single target, only to look good as new after a quick spray of paint for the inevitable spatter. The target system is completely weatherproof and requires little to no regular maintenance.

Safety: The angled target surface sends spalling directly down and away from the shooter.  The pattern of the spalling is uninterrupted by exposed bolt heads or hardware creating predictable and consistent secondary projectile placement.

Versatility: By adding accessories or alternate target shapes any target system can be configured to suit whatever the user wishes to train.  All accessories are designed to function with every other accessory and are both backwards and forwards compatible.

Set up could not be easier, and takes less than 15 seconds to deploy a ready-to-shoot target. Weighing in at only 25lbs for the pistol reactive system, anyone can set up and transport them easily. The targets can be shot repeatedly during operation without needing to be adjusted throughout the exercise.

Whether you are a competitive shooter or an outdoor sportsman this reactive steel target system is sure to meet your shooting needs.

HMG™ Reactive Steel Target System

• Set up in seconds
• Easy to store and carry
• Reactive steel allows you to hear and see when you hit the target
• Very safe with no fragments or spalling coming back toward the shooter
• Durable enough to last a lifetime
• Each system is available for customization
• All made in the U.S.A.


• All base front plates and targets are made from top quality AR 500 steel
• Target systems, rifle or pistol, are under 30lbs
• 27” tall x 18’ wide and when strapped down are only 6” wide
• All systems come with self-resetting spring
• All systems come will all hardware needed to operate

Do you need a custom set up for your training needs? We can do that. From mixing rifle bases with pistol targets or cutting custom target shapes, we can provide a solution. If you want the logo of your club, company, or anything else we can cut these custom shapes in house and make it part of your system. These custom shapes are cut out of the same AR 500 steel as we use for our standard shapes.

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