Post Jul 03, 2018 by HMGDerek

Hello all and Happy Birthday America!

It has been a while since our last email blast and website update but believe me, we have not forgotten about you. We have had a very busy past couple of months here at HMG. We have been making progress with our StG’s along with some other fun and interesting projects along the way.

As far as the elephant in the room goes, as some of you know, we received our first sample of magazines back around the NRA show. This was amazing news and showed progress while establishing a base for how we need the magazines to function and look. Unfortunately, we found some flashing issues in these first samples when we went to actually begin testing them for function as fully assembled and loaded magazines. The small flashing issue was found on the interior of the magazines and prevented the follower from travelling upwards to feed the last 5-7 rounds from the magazine. We have been in almost daily contact with our injection molders working through this issue and have come up with a solution based on the root causes. There are a bunch of technical terms I could throw at you, but the long skinny of it is that we had to add another pin to the mold while adjusting temperature and injection pressures. Our molders have implemented these changes, re-straightened our core pull and should be shooting our second run as you read this. If all goes according to plan, we hope to be able to green light full scale production of our StG magazines based off of this second run. The good news in all of this, is that once we have pushed the big (insert color of your choice) button, our molders can pump out a magazine every minute with small breaks every couple hundred to re-oil and clean the mold. This translates to magazines coming in regularly and in substantial quantities only needing to be placed next to y’all’s rifles in their shipping boxes.

We realize that this process has taken longer than some (even us) would expect, we are working diligently and daily on getting the best possible StG out the door to y’all. We have been using some of this dwell time from the magazines to revamp and improve some of our rifle production steps to both ease the transition into full blown production and to speed the process up as a whole!  It is our goal to cut our lead times substantially during the first couple months of shipping the rifles and hope to have our pre-orders filled much sooner than originally expected. We could not of done this without y’all while at the same time, never expecting this project to take off like it did. Who would of ever known that there was such an interest and following for a 70 year old German rifle?? (Even if it did change the face of modern small arms the world over.)

In other news, every once in a while, we like to remind people of the side of our business that put us on the map and allows us to do all these fun and unique firearm adventures. That’s right, its our reactive steel target systems! Hooray for you if you guessed it but there will be no prizes awarded, only some amazing prices on our standard pistol targets to help you celebrate the 4th of July with a bang! From today through Sunday, the 15th of July, stop on by the website and pick up a couple 1/4″ AR-500 Pistol Caliber targets at a great price. These are perfect for your back yard berm, the range, friendly competition, REAL competition or any other pistol shooting needs you may have. These are sale prices that we have never offered before so now is the perfect time to grab one (or a few) of the best reactive steel targets on the market. These prices are going to be hard to beat with steel prices doing nothing but climbing. Remember, HMG is the only brand certified for U.S. Space Force training so swing on by the website and check out our “out of this world” targets!

Check in this Friday, the 6th, for our latest Facebook livestream and have a freedom filled 4th of July!

-The HMG Crew