Post Oct 04, 2018 by HMGDerek

Hey folks,

Now we know that most of y’all are not the type to get excited over pumpkin spice lattes and Ugg boots being back for another season.  However, the HMG crew would like to give you some exciting news to ring in the season of football, fire pits and non-surface of the sun temperatures!

We have been busy all summer long and have finally worked through our magazine tests and are moving on to the final production stages with our StG. We have changed some things up and made some other things more efficient along the way, all while increasing our capacity. We, more than anyone, know how long some of y’all have been waiting for these rifles to show up at your dealer’s shops and for you to receive that magical phone call saying that it is ready for pick-up. As some of our Facebook and call in faithful already know, we are on track to be through a very substantial number of our pre-orders come the new year. I know, I know…you guys have all heard this before and it is just another date that will come and go with no progress to show. This time it is different, folks.  We have burned some bridges in the past with bad shipping dates and we understand all the frustration and let downs that we have caused you guys because of this. Any one that has spoken to our sales manager Tyler or myself, knows that we have been very hesitant to hand out specific dates, like we have in the past. We understand your pain and don’t like building anybody up for something we know can’t be followed through on. That is why this time it is different, we have figures, product and supplies in hand and ready. We have our production techniques nailed down and 99.9% of the kinks worked out of your long over due reborn pieces of history! We are where we need to be as far as production capability is concerned, to be able to produce twice as many StG’s a month than we ever thought we could do in six.  This is great news for all you folks waiting on us to start shipping before you pick one up as well. We are hoping to begin shipping from stock sometime around the March time frame.  We expect a large influx of orders from you fine folks once you see all your friends sporting theirs at the range, on Facebook or through any number of YouTube reviews.  This will give y’all a little bit of a lead time but nothing that can’t be over come in a few of weeks or so. We sincerely hope that you pre-order guys end up with a great holiday season that is long overdue. We are still planning on and can’t wait to post our shipping list soon, as promised.

In other news, we continue to smash that like button on some other projects around the office, including one that will always be close to our hearts. The HMG CETME-L is making a limited run comeback this holiday season! We were able to track down a decent set of parts kits from a place where everybody lives in castles and drives very fast. These will be sold through Copper Custom Armament and if you missed out on one last time and don’t have the time to track down and build one from a kit, you should definitely give them a shout or click this link:

Per usual, we have a lot cooking right now and we understand that y’all have a lot of time and money riding on us. As always, we appreciate your patience with this project and what it has become.  We are trying to get back on schedule with our Facebook updates as well so always feel free to check those out since they provide much more of an insight to our daily/weekly goings on.  Have a great Fall and hopefully the next time we are talking to y’all, our schedule will be attached and I’ll be calling you to confirm FFL and shipping information!

-The HMG Crew