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Reactive Steel Targets

Hill & Mac Gunworks is a manufacturer of steel targets and reactive steel target systems. We are radically different from what is available on the market currently. Our patented design and assembly methods facilitate a new steel target system which only becomes safer with use or adverse conditions. Our steel targets are designed to last longer. There are no exposed bolt heads, nuts, hoses or wires to shoot, and all surfaces presented to the shooter and are made of high quality AR500 steel.

Set up is simple and takes less than 15 seconds to deploy, weighing in at under 25 lbs anyone can set them up. The steel targets need no adjustment during operation,  just keep shooting. The only maintenance needed for the system is to occasionally grease the pivot points. This can be accomplished by either spraying or applying grease by hand. If the surface gets too many splatter marks then spray paint over the surface and you are ready to go. The system is upgradable to 4 different steel target shapes and is a simple process to accomplish.

We understand that training is very important at Hill & Mac Gunworks. We have built a reactive steel target system that can be easily integrated into your current training. We are radically different from what is available in the market currently. Our steel target system is very durable and the patented design and assembly methods in the system facilitate a target system that only becomes safer with use. Once you purchase a system the base will never need replacement under regular use.

Reactive steel target system

  • We produce both pistol and rifle rated target systems
  • Pistol target and base are ¼” AR500 steel
  • Rifle target and base are ½” AR500 steel
  • Extremely durable and you may never have to by a target again
  • Safety for everyone if used properly
  • Made in the USA

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Hill & Mac Gunworks reactive steel targets are some of the best around. Not only can they customize to your specific needs, but they are also just good all-around people. Customer service is excellent! This is a company I put my trust in, whether it be customizing firearms or targets. Thanks Hill and Mac.”