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Top 10 Reasons to Choose HMG™ Reactive Steel Target Systems



HMG™ targets are designed to last longer. The base of the system should never have to be replaced. Once you step back a minimum of 7 yards only AR 500 is presented to the shooter. No electric cables, soft steel, wooden legs, chains, and NO BOLT HEADS to be shot out.


Ease of Setup

To make the target ready to receive fire, simply place the target on the ground and remove the retaining strap. That’s it.


Ease of Use/Maintenance

The target systems need no adjustments during operation. Just keep shooting. The only maintenance needed for the system is to occasionally grease the pivot points and spray paint over the splatter marks for a brand new look.



The HMG™ reactive steel target system was built so you could easily switch out the target faces or make your target a dropper in under a minute. The target faces can be changed easily by pulling a pin, placing a different face in its place, and re-pinning. Simple.



The target systems can be easily upgraded. With new features being added regularly to our product line, any one of our targets and bases can accept any new accessory. Everything will be forward and backward compatible on the systems. The Second Stage Target system, flappers, elevation kits and electronic resets are just a few of the products offered as upgrades.



The HMG target system was designed to be lightweight and extremely portable. Weighing in at only 25lbs for the pistol reactive system, anyone can set up and transport them easily. This significantly decreases set up time and maximizes your shooting/training time.



In the past reactive steel targets of this quality were only available to Military and Law Enforcement agencies. HMG™ has expanded that accessibility and made these targets also available for the everyday firearm enthusiast, competitive shooter, and firearms trainer.


Customizable Shapes and Components

If you want a specialty target shape or logo for your club or company, HMG™ can make that happen. We are happy to create almost any custom target shape the customer requires. HMG™ manufactures in house with the highest quality AR 500 steel and can accommodate you in both custom pistol and rifle shapes.



HMG™ target systems are the highest quality available on the market at an incredibly affordable price point. This target system was designed to take your shooting to the next level, the functionality and durability of this system will transform your purchase into a solid investment for any firearms enthusiast.



The patent-pending design and assembly methods facilitate a target system that only becomes safer with use or adverse conditions. Unlike many designs which present an unsafe flat target face to the shooter, HMG™ has developed a safe-angle surface that sends spalling in a safe direction down and away from the shooter.