Post Nov 03, 2017 by HMGTravis

Hello all!

October has been a busy month for the HMG¬ģ team! ¬†We mentioned last month that we were experiencing some delays with barrels and magazines from our suppliers. ¬†Fortunately we were able to get the barrel issue solved and there doesn’t look to be anymore holdups in that department going forward. ¬†Not only did we get it solved but the new ones that we had cut are some of the best thus far. ¬†See below for some videos of these bad boys in action!
Did some testing of blanks and they cycled beautifully!  Definitely will not be an issue for you re-enactors out there!  As a side note we still plan of releasing a blank firing adapter for the StG.  In the interim a regular M16 BFA works just fine with the M16 flashhider of course.
Also was able to hit the range a bit and did some testing of suppressed 300blk.  Keep in mind we were shooting supers but still, very happy with the results.  Definitely neat to see some new tech on an old design.
Unfortunately we are still at a hold up from shipping rifles…. ¬†Magazines are still proving to be an issue for us. ¬†Not a design problem but a production one. ¬†Our current supplier had fallen much farther behind on their schedule and it has compounded onto us. ¬†The good news is they are getting back on track but it is still taking time. ¬†Time that everyone is painfully giving in the form of waiting. ¬†We are still on track to deliver 2015 orders this year if we can have them caught up and delivering us product by the end of November. ¬†We are more than ready to execute on production and delivery.
I know I also pre-emptively annouced a release schedule in September and I failed to deliver that. ¬†Unfortunately I cannot qith 100% certainty promise it’s accuracy until I know without a shadow of a doubt that our last remaining supply snag is fixed. ¬†Once we have mags I will for sure publish the schedule.
We have said this time in and time out but thank you.  Thank you for keeping faith and having patience with us while we work through these issues and continue to grow ever closer to delivering on the StG.  While I realize this may fall on empty ears we still appreciate all of you.  There is no question about if we can deliver on everything it is simply a matter of time and we are painfully close.
Your patience is not going to go unrewarded.  While we cannot give away free product to everyone we certainly want to do something.  More than likely this will be in the form of some sort of store credit for our customers that pre-ordered before the date the first gun ships.  No real definitive answer on this yet but once we work out what we want to do we will certainly make everyone aware of it.  
As always if there is anything else we can do to help please do not hesitate to reach out and I will do what I can to help.