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HMG® StG Caliber Conversion Kit


SKU: RS-05001-1K

Product Description

The HMG Caliber Conversion kit allows the user to convert their HMG StG rifle to their desired caliber easily. The HMG StG works off a castle nut system similar to the AR 15. Simply remove the fore grip to reveal the castle nut, remove barrel assembly with tool provided, replace with preferred caliber barrel assembly and tighten castle nut to specifications given. Finally, Replace the fore grip and insert your new bolt for a whole new shooting experience!

Check out this video of Mac, our head engineer, illustrating just how easy it is.

HMG StG Barrel Change and Field Strip

Happy Friday!Hope everybody enjoyed the livestream last week. We definitely had a lot of fun answering your questions! This week we have a short video for you guys showing the caliber change on the StG, so you can see just how easy it will be for you to switch between any of the four calibers. This video is also basic instructions on field stripping your StG for cleaning and routine maintenance.We'll be doing another livestream next Friday, February 9th at 3:30pm EST, so get your questions in early and we'll get a list of the most popular and creative ones to answer!#Heeeeemoooo #HMG #StG #Sturmgewehr #BarrelChange #MemesAtTheCyclic #ThomasTheDankEngine #BackgroundMARTAFace #SquashCat #SpicyWater #Trillanthropist #WakeUpFeelinBlessedUp #PistolOnThatDresser #KeepFeedinYa

Posted by Hill & Mac Gunworks on Friday, February 2, 2018