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HMG® Second Stage Target Kit



  • Allows for multiple targets to be presented
  • Easily attached to any HMG™ Target System
  • Great for judgement call training



SKU: T-A2-1

Product Description

The HMG® Second Stage kit add yet another level of modularity to our patented target systems.  This simple attachment slides onto the front of any existing HMG® target face and allows for the installation of (2) 1″ fir sticks(not included).  Onto these sticks the shooter can attach any variety of paper target.  When the target is hit with enough force to fall to the ground the paper targets will be forces up in the air and present themselves to be engaged.  This is a great tool to practice weapons transition from rifle/shotgun to pistol or vise versa.

In order for ideal movement HMG® suggests removing the target spring to allow the target to fall with ease.  If you would like to keep the spring installed for automatic resetting HMG® suggests using a higher energy cartridge(such as buck/bird or heavy rifle cartridge) to ensure the target will bottom out.

The shooter can also add a fully threaded foot in order to decrease the amount of energy needed to make the target fall while still maintaining a safe forward cant to mitigate spalling dangers.