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Archive / 2017

HMG® 2017 Wrap Up

As we write this we are coming close to ending another fantastic year here at Hill and Mac Gunworks.  This year in some respects has been the most important year for the company and we couldn’t be more excited.  This newsletter is to serve as […]

Spooky Ghost!

Hello all! October has been a busy month for the HMG® team!  We mentioned last month that we were experiencing some delays with barrels and magazines from our suppliers.  Fortunately we were able to get the barrel issue solved and there doesn’t look to be […]


HMG® Mooncrew

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope everyone had a great week and have some solid weekend plans.  This week I had been posting a few images of original vs new production StG parts and they seemed to attract a fair bit of interest.  So today we are […]

stg 4th

Staingate 2K17

Hello and well met traveler! Hope everyone has been enjoying the summer months.  Sorry for the delay on this and items in general as of late, things have been a bit busy here at HMG® and I’ve been struggling to find some time to write […]


Hey Laser Lips, Your Mama was a Snow Blower

Greetings to all! This week we dive deep into the world of the HMG® StG and uncover some new and exciting developments with the project.  For those of you concerned: Yes, the StG is still happening and no, we did not quit and start baking […]


Call of the Jeweled Owl

This week on behind the scenes with HMG we are exploring the different customization options you will have with the HMG StG®.  Although some of you may think this is blasphemy and consider us defiling a sacred artifact of engineering we think its important to […]