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HMG is headed to NASGW and we want to see you there.

Hill & Mac Gunworks manufacture reactive steel target systems that are safe durable and portable. What we offer is very different from what is currently available in the market.

We will be at NASGW (National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers) convention in Little Rock, Arkansas from Monday October 13th through Friday October 17th 2014. We would like to schedule a meeting with you during the show so that you can see our unique product line and meet our team. We are going to be in booth # 1506. Please contact me directly and I will get you on the schedule for a meeting during the show hours or after.

Thank you

Ken Sawyer

Hill & Mac Gunworks

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About Hill & Mac Gunworks

Hill & Mac Gunworks desired a steel target that was safe, easy to set up, retrieve and store. One that could not be destroyed with a few misplaced shots. A target that was safe for the shooter. Most of all HMG wanted a target that would last for years.  So they did exactly that.

About safety:

HMG’s Patent Pending target systems are engineering to direct all spalling and secondary projectiles away from the shooters.

pistol target

Here is the production version of the reactive steel target system

About durability:

With no exposed hardware, bolt heads or hanging chains HMG target systems cannot be damaged by the shooter.  The systems are made of the highest quality AR500 steel which allows for extreme round counts before any service is required.  Both the Base Front Plate and the Target have been tested in excess of 50,000 rounds on a single system with no discernable damage.

Reactive steel target system

This target has more than 20,000 rounds on it.

About portability:

Each Target System can be stored in an upright position and carried to the training facility.  Pistol rated Systems weigh in at ~25 lbs and Rifle rated Systems ~50 lbs.

HMG reactive steel target system

This is the 8″ round pistol target that is strapped and upright.

About training:

HMG Target Systems can easily integrate and enhance your current training schemes and are currently being used by several local and federal law enforcement agencies.  HMG offers solutions with a high ROI for any agency or range looking for durable, portable and safe Reactive Steel Target System.

Second stage target kit being used by LEO for training and skill building.

Second stage target kit being used by LEO for training and skill building.

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