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We just updated some content on our web site and will be spreading this video around in our social networks. It is a quick look at our pistol rated steel target.

A quick video for our web site about the pistol rated target. I talk about our reactive steel target system and give some details on the pistol rated steel target.

Looking to buy a pistol rated steel target

Our system is so very different from our competitors. Our pistol target is portable, safe, and durable. Our pistol rated steel target come with a base and target face. The whole system weighs 25lbs. When it is strapped in the upright position it is easy to carny from the handle of the rear foot.

Our pistol rated steel target system is very safe to shoot at indoor or outdoor ranges. The target face and front base plate are AR 500 and are angled in such a way that no spalling or fragments are coming back at you. The fragments are all driven down in between the front base plate and the target shape in a 180 degree plane to the shooter. Once you step back 7 yards the shooter can only see AR 500 and therefore you can not shoot out any hardware. You are never going to shoot out a bolt head or chain that brings your fun or training to a stop.

Our reactive steel target systems are all very durable. We have shot our targets for well over 100,000 rounds with little to no damage to our target shape. Because of our pivots and spring system along with the angle of the target face our steel target will outlast our competition.

Here are the basics for our pistol rated steel target system:
Safe to shoot at 10 yards
Can shoot up to .44 mag
Steel target and front base plate are 1/4″ AR 500
Get good reaction from .22 and low power factor .9mm with Fully threaded foot option
The same target you plink with .22 you can shoot with .45 or .44 mag with no issues

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