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Hill & Mac Gunworks electronic reset kit is an add on that can go on any of our reactive steel target systems.

VIDEO of Electronic reset in action

Steel target Steel Target Steel Target


The Electronic Reset Kit works from a wireless remote out to 2000 yards and runs on AA batteries. The actuator arm can drive the target face into the down and locked position or slowly bring the target back up into the shooting position. You can also shoot the target down into the locked position and then release the latch and the spring will quickly launch the target into the shooting position.The remote can control multiple targets from the same channel or multiple channels allowing the system and kit can be tuned to your training needs.

The Electronic Reset Kit can be added to any of our reactive steel target systems for $350 MSRP. When you order it this way it will come with a rifle or pistol rated shape from any of our standard shapes and the spring for that shape and rating.

Or you can buy the system in rifle rated with any of our basic shapes for $695 MSRP. Pistol rated systems with the Electronic Reset Kit are $595 MSRP.

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