Post Dec 12, 2014 by HMGYarbrough


Here at Hill & Mac Gunworks we rigorously test our products because the safety and durability of our product line is a very high priority for us. Recently we had noticed a lot of videos that were shooting a projectile we never thought would come up and spotted a hole in our testing. Not knowing if our reactive steel target system would be able to handle this round gave us pause and we jumped to action.

First we had to order our Can Cannon from xproducts. If you have not heard of it yet it is an AR – 15 soda can launcher. The Can Cannon uses a gas ported barrel and pressure tube to launch a 12 oz can up to 100 yards.  It worked perfectly for us and was a breeze to install and operate. If you do not have one of these we highly recommend you go pick one up.

Once we received our new toy we headed to the range giddy with joy. We know that not all steel target companies would want to test the Can Cannon on their targets, but they are just missing out on a lot of fun.  After extensive testing we determined that shooting a soda can at any of our targets was completely safe and we had no discernible damage at the end of our 12 cans.